The Next 50 Years

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We look forward to the challenges we will face and the changes we will see in the next fifty years. The library will be here with the services we have always offered: providing your favorite reading materials, helping with homework assignments and career searches, providing special programs and services for children, tweens and teens, being a gateway for the Internet, running programs that encourage a love of culture and the arts, keeping you abreast of the latest trends, and looking back at our shared history. We will be here to help you learn the latest technology and to find the information you need for whatever project you are working on, change you are making, or life event you are planning.

As much as the services we provide will stay the same, the way we do it will likely change. In recent years we have strived to keep up with the changes in many ways, including expanding our digital services to include downloadable e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and videos. We also enhanced your ability to scan and e-mail paper documents, and now have built a Makerspace that gives you access to a 3-D printer, a large format printer, and software and hardware that can help you create whatever you can imagine!

So, the future looks bright for an institution that has always been a community center. As you continue to embrace change and innovation, so will we! We happily hope to remain a part of you and your family’s life for the next fifty years!

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