Memories & Testimonials

“Visions from the Community”

Take a stroll down memory lane! In honor of the East Islip Public Library’s 50th Anniversary, patrons and community members have generously shared their testimonials and memories of the library, its services, and staff.

#1 – From John Whitton, Member of Islip Public Library

“My Memory” (submitted 3/3/2011)

“My memory of the East Islip Public Library is within the last 15 years with spot site visions I had when I was younger. I used to take a bus from Patchogue along Montauk Highway going to trade school in Amityville and saw the library from the road every morning and afternoon.

My father taught in the Islip Terrace Junior High School from 1969 to 1982. I have been accessing the past high school yearbooks in the library stock to reflect on the contributions of his co-civil servants for the past generations. My mother was a library clerk for 20 years so libraries were part of our family culture and reading routine. Thanks for the memories!”

— John Whitton

#2 – From Frances Schauss

“When I was a young mother, I walked to the Library and asked Anita Frey, a woman whom I truly admired, how possibly could I nurse my baby every two hours. Her sage words encouraged me at a time of new mother vulnerability. Thank you, Mrs. Frey, for your words of wisdom. Our Matthew is now 34!

Second child, Sarah, now 31, and First, enjoyed every program offered to young children. Those programs were instrumental to building strong readers in our children. Our children met others who became close friends through pre-school, even now through to the present, they remain friends. Now our Sarah brings her Isabella to the Library for the same nurturing care from present staff that she received herself. How wonderful that the East Islip Public Library has offered three generations of our family support, joy, and encouragement through the years. Congratulations to all for service well-given to our wonderful community.”

— Frances B Schauss

P.S. please thank Mrs. Simonds and Mrs. Kaplan for us. We have enjoyed their help over many years.

#3 – From Lena Domiano

“I like come to the Library. They are very helpful. They help you out to find things.”

— Lena Domiano

#4 – From Jeanette LaRock Sr.

“I have many fond memories of the East Islip Library. Raising 6 children many times they went to the Library for research study. One fond memory I have, was when my daughter Jeanette LaRock won the storytelling contest, March 10, 1984. That was a very exciting time for her and her family. Mrs. Irene Faggiani was very helpful in preparing Jeanette for the contest. I’ve taken many computer classes that have helped me to understand and operate the computer.   Many thanks to the East Islip Public Library.”

Submitted by,
Jeanette LaRock Sr.

#5 – From Bernadette Kuti

“A wonderful memory frequently flashes through my mind whenever I drive by or visit our library. My son was about 7 years old and we brought his collection in for display in the children’s section. While we waited for our pick-up, we sat outside on the brick wall and read the books my son had chosen. The weather was wonderful and the image still makes me feel very happy! Thanks East Islip Library.”

— Bernadette Kuti

#6 – From Amanda Baranek

“My family and I have been patrons of the E.I. Library for over 35 years. I started bringing my children there when they were only 3 & 5 yrs. Old. My husband retired in 1995 & spent many hours enjoying time there—especially in the new “fireplace” room—he said it was very peaceful & helped him think. He passed away in 2004 & I know he would be happy to see an individual book tile with his name appearing on it. Thank you all for your time, caring & friendship through the years.

One of my favorite memories about the East Islip Public Library is when I went to a scrapbook class with my friend Ashley. I brought glitter, stickers, pictures and other stuff with me. When I got to the class, I found that there was markers, paper, fancy hole punchers, fancy scissors and a lot of other stuff was also there. I made many pages for my scrapbook and I still it now. My friend Ashley and I had a great time and we saw other friends of ours there too. We came back for many scrapbook classes at the library after that. Even with the most simplest household objects you can have loads of fun making a scrapbook.”                  

   — Amanda Baranek

#7 – From Mrs. Louise Martinelli

“The library has always been an important part of my life, and continues to be, even though I am now homebound. I am 88 years old, and crippled now, so I no longer can make my daily walk to the East Islip Library. But, through this great “homebound program” and the wonderful personalized attention I receive from “outreach Librarian” Kassia Worst, the library now comes to me. Kassia Worst sends me such interesting reading matter that it’s as though she can read my mind. I look forward to each packet. It keeps my mind alert, and I absorb new knowledge from various magazine articles. Thank you for this great “homebound program,” and for such outreach librarians as “Kassia Worst!” Happy 50th Anniversary!”

— Mrs. Louise Martinelli

#8 – From Robert Hanna

“My earliest memories of the library were of running in to look at the fish tank every time my mother took me to the library. I did the kids drama programs, summer reading club and eventually worked here for four years as we rebuilt the library and watched it transform into the beautiful building it is today. I love everyone who works there they are so sweet and caring. Thank you East Islip for giving me a library I could grow up with.

I and my family (7) have been coming to the library since November 1975, we are all readers of books, and often find ourselves reading books from the library. My granddaughter and youngest of the boys, age 4, often read, they read 3 levels above their age group. They both have IQ way above average, she 120, he 130, much of which I attribute to their reading skills. The enjoyment we all get from books is great, unfortunately I often find myself looking for a book someone else is reading. We can’t imagine being without books. We would all miss the library.”                        

— Robert Hanna


Do you have a positive memory, thought, and/or feeling about the East Islip Public Library that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you! Please submit your comments and feedback through the electronic form below.



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